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 I was bitten by Edward Cullen... Quite Literally!!

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PostSubject: I was bitten by Edward Cullen... Quite Literally!!   Sat Aug 02, 2008 2:15 am

Okay, as most of you know, the Borders in my city was having a midnight release party solely for the debut of Breaking Dawn. And guess what, everyone?! Yours truly was THE FOURTY NINTH PERSON IN THE USA to purchase a copy! I have a bracelet to prove it! X3 So that's a thing that made me jump for joy. But you guys aren't going to BELIEVE this one!

Okay. At the party there was this really drop dead gorgeous employee who was, an Edward Cullen look-alike compared to what I personally envisioned in the book, dressed up... as Edward Cullen. Basically everyone there was an Edward fangirl, so everyone was squeeling and hugging him and taking pictures and such. Well, I didn't want to horde him or anything like everyone else was, so I just sort of stood against a wall and read Tokyo Mew Mew A'la Mode Volume 2 (which was just as much a disappointment as the first one, dont' read it). Well anyway, he then announced on microphone that he would pick only five girls out of the two hundred that showed up to be "his vamprisses." Everyone of the squeeling girls lept up and screamed, shouting "PICK ME PICK ME," so on and so forth.

I was kind of indifferent on the whole thing. I mean, of course I'd love to be chosen by an Edward Cullen look-alike, but I'd never really put any thought into it before. So I was just standing there reading my manga, not really talking to anyone. I was just about to put the book away when all of a sudden I get this rush of air to my head. Next thing I know, I'm leaning on "Edward Cullen's" arms staring up at his DROP DEAD GORGEOUS face. He bared a fake pair of fangs and lightly nipped me on the neck!

You would not BELIEVE how freaking RED I WENT! I could feel the heat in my cheeks!! I mean, yes I have a boyfriend and all, BUT MAN!! I GOT BIT BY EDWARD CULLEN!!!! Or, you know, as close as it's gonna get... Very Happy

I even have a pin to prove it! He gave me a pin that says, "I was BITTEN at Breaking Dawn"

*squeel* Nothing like this has ever happened to ME before! It just made it all the better that he looked so much like the Edward I personally envisioned!

I'm sorry, guys! I just had to brag, because I NEVER have things like this happen, and you all know it! I finally have a reason! And OMG I'm so giddy!

~Team Edward Forever!~

Founder, writer, animator, producer, editor, director, voice actor, researcher, sound mixer, soundtrack editor, dialogue reviewer, voice acting coach and downright creator of Tokyo Dark Mew.
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PostSubject: Re: I was bitten by Edward Cullen... Quite Literally!!   Sun Aug 10, 2008 5:32 pm

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I was bitten by Edward Cullen... Quite Literally!!
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